Heathcote Health

Chief Executive Officer

Heathcote Health (HH) is a small rural health service based in the Loddon Mallee region located some 30-40 minutes from Bendigo. The service operates, or facilitates, the provision of a number of services including: 24-hour Urgent Care Centre; 8 bed acute care service; 2 transitional care places (bed based and community); 12 bed residential high care nursing home; and 30 bed residential low care hostel (including one respite bed). In addition, Heathcote Health supports a co-located GP Clinic known as Heathcote Primary Health, pathology service and radiology service. They are currently seeking an experienced executive for this senior leadership role.

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team01 John Cross – 0417 332 598

Applications can be emailed to: hrsa@hrsa.com.au

Position: Open
Status: Applications Close 10/01/22